Argout Film


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It’s strange waking up one morning in a western welfare state and having to realize that your whole existence was built on sand. All plans pertaining to being a man amongst men , owning a home ,  having ample opportunities and a safe employment have turned to dust.

Yes, friends and family ,the most precious asset a man can have are still here.
Everything else is in fact gone or in the process.

The economy is bust , employment is unstable , no real opportunities, banks are no longer the trustworthy institutions you thought they were, the Government has lost their trust and existence in itself has become somewhat unstable.

You are filled with distrust and you become scared . At what exactly ? You aren’t even sure .
But isn´t it normal to become scared when your existence is jeopardized in such a frightening manner?

The foundation has been pulled from under our feet as we float downriver without direction.
Suddenly we find ourselves doing River Rafting that no-one ordered or sought after.
We try to keep our head above water but no one as much as throws us a life-saver nor tells us that help is on the way.
No information to be had. The government and institutions have become ever more evasive in their response.

Everybody acts as if this is a natural disaster. But this is no natural disaster , this is the work of men.
Amidst all this drama you watch as your dreams fade away and you realize that the dreams of every Icelander is fading away as well.
We as a nation almost instantly became a pariah , a nation that no one wants to know or associate with.

We are no longer " In" and were no longer the " Smartest" neither "by capita" or any other reference you can think of. The word "Iceland" has become somewhat tainted ,on a terrorist list - far from being associated with beauty, guts and determination.

The film "Maybe I should have" is a film about the search for answers.