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Johannes Bjorn

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Johannes Bjorn is an Icelander living in New York. He´s the author of the book "Falið Vald" or "Hidden Power" which was first published in 1997 and then re-published this year. Not surprising really as his book is even more relevant now then when it was initially published.

He has been a guest at the Icelandic political discussion "Silfur Egils" " Egils Silver" twice this winter and it's obvious that Mr. Jóhannes Björn has been expecting this downfall for quite some time now. He also maintains a web page at and if you browse through his collection of articles you will find not only good ideas but you will also realize that Jóhannes Björn has written an immense amount of articles that should have told us where things were heading.

Of course we really wanted him to appear in the movie so we met up in New York. Besides coming up with some great pointers for the movie , he also pampered the crew/guys , taking them on a tour of the city. The guys appreciate that and thank Mr. Jóhannes Björn