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Gunnar Sigurðsson Director

Gunnar Sigurdsson Director was behind the Open Civil Meetings , where he gathered people that supposedly. Among the people attending the meetings were politicians, economists, media and a lot of other people interested

Gunnar Sigurdsson apparently didn't like the answers he got. Therefore he decided to make this documentary about „the collapse" and the realities facing the average Joe.

Gunnar studied acting and directing at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in England . He has worked as a Director in theatre as well as doing children´s programs for RUV while working for +FILM.

Maybe I should have is Gunnar´s first documentary.

Gunnar has 4 beautiful daughters. Gunnar doesn´t smoke or drink but has one vice. He works out at the expensive bathhouse Laugar and plans to continue to do so while he can. Obviously a guy going bankrupt needs to find cheaper ways of sweating.

Gunnar knows what he wants, very organized and has a clear picture of where he's going.

Herbert Sveinbjornsson

Herbert is our cameraman , video editor and all around genius. He comes in to the office in the morning , sits at his desk and starts working until the day is over and hardly even looks up!  Every now and then he gives us a shout to have a look at what he's working on constantly coming up with great ideas.

Lilja Skaftadottir

Lija is the producer of Maybe I should have. She lives in Iceland and France. Most of her time is now spent in Iceland as she wants to monitor her production. She has some complaints about the film though , for instance there's this pink hat that makes an appearance at the start of the film. But she lets us get away with that kind of petty stuff as she loves the project as much as anyone of us.

Heida B Heidars
Assistant Director and Writer.

Heida is in charge of getting in touch with people and getting them to appear in the movie, organizing travels, webpage ,getting the necessary licenses as well as taking care of day to day stuff. She's incredibly disorganized and sometimes on the verge of driving the director mad but he forgives her because things have worked out in the end.