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Sigrun Davidsdottir - Reporter

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Sigrun Davidsdottir is a reporter and columnist for RUV (Iceland's National Media) has with full respect to other reporters done an incredible job digging up sources and facts. Very few, if any have as much insight and info on the assets of Icelanders in the various tax havens around the world.

There is no Icelandic "corporation" registered in Tortola that Sigrún does not know about , or anywhere else in the world for that matter.
Sigrun has also delved deep into the cronyism that we live with here in Iceland and has strong opinions on what consequence that has had and will continue to have if we do not counter that and head for a different direction.
As well as appearing in the film , Sigrún has been incredibly helpful in the production of the movie.There have been countless phone calls and emails she has responded to whenever we needed more info and she was always ready to help.

For this we thank her with all our hearts.

Sigrún Davíðsdóttir was nominated as Reporter of the year at RUV and we who produce this film are of course thrilled. Well deserved.