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Landsbanki and Guernsey

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In Guernsey we met people that lost all their savings.Before the collapse perhaps a majority of Icelanders were not aware of the existence of the Island Guernsey. The islanders at Mön got Kaupthing/singer Friedlander but Guernsey got Landsbankinn. These Islands have been called tax havens. But the people we met at Guernsey were just normal people.

People on the Island used Landsbankinn to deposit their wages and savings.

We met Neil Dickens who is the spokesperson for depositors in Landsbankinn and discussed with him their attitude towards the bank ,the money the they lost and the responsibility of those involved. 

We also met Elizabeth Castle. Elizabeth is 98 and an incredibly sparkly and lovely lady. She had been saving for the last few years to have a fund to fall back on in case she needed to go to a home for the elderly or had to counter any ailments. She lost all her savings when the Landsbanki went under. Hearing her story will leave no one untouched.

Dave Grundy also lives on the Island of Guernsey and he took Herbert and Gunnar on a tour of the Island. Ha also lost his life savings. Dave is a pensioner and is really concerned about his and his wife's future.

We also met the Chief Minister of Guernsey, Lyndon Trott. The public on Guernsey that lost their money feel that Mr. Lyndon Trott isn't doing a whole lot to help them reclaim their savings and therefore we saw a reason to pay him a visit.

The man is a politician and speaks like a politician.